Are your muscles aching? Is your back sore, shoulders tense, neck muscles tight? A massage may be just what you need to relax those ......

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Skin Care

Enhancing the skin to optimum health and appearance with our Majestic Signature Facials and Body treatments...

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Hair Removal

Almost everyone has unwanted hair somewhere on their body. Unfortunately, Traditional hair removal routines can be tedious...

Learn More The massage and facial were amazing. Wonderful experience. I checked in on Facebook and will be sharing my positive experience with friends. My therapist had the perfect touch. I Feel rejuvenated!

My best friend and I enjoy our day... we came all the way from Lithonia GA to visit, and we agreed to come Back every month. . Love you guys. . Thanks a million

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We got your back $44 Hour massage!
Monday $79 Couples Massage
Wednesday Senior Citizen $30 Majestic Massage
Fridays $45 Revitalizing Facial or Back Treatment

About Us

Majestic Touch Spa is committed to developing more than just a spa experience. Through a combination of tailored, time-tested techniques, the Majestic Duo will unlock the secrets of your body’s aches and pains, and solve the puzzle of total relief. Whether you've strained your muscles putting in overtime at the office, exhausted legs and shoulders running that extra mile, or tweaked your back doing forward lunges for the potato chips on the coffee table, the solution for your body woes is simple -- a massage from Mike Little, a skillful massage therapists applying healing strokes to the body in unique ways. Learn more

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Majestic Medical Touch Spa

Address: 802 Bombay Ln,
Roswell, GA 30076-5819(inside Oakbrook Office Park)
Servicing: Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Crabapple and Milton
Phone: (404) 539-6713
Hours: 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M

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